Fun family photography Aberdeenshire

Climbing trees and grubby knees! – Family Photography, Aberdeenshire

These guys were lots of fun! We met at a local pond, surrounded by woodland bathed in glorious sunshine and the first thing the boys were drawn to were the trees – inviting them to climb and explore!

My photography sessions are all about having fun and making memories, rather than being told where to stand and to smile at the camera. I capture real moments, candid memories, the real you.

Little sister was very curious and wasn’t too sure of the camera to begin with but a cuddle and some giggles with big brother brought out some lovely smiles!

The boys had great fun finding new trees to climb and a contest was had to see who could find and carry the biggest branch. And of course, no walk alongside water is complete without a game of pooh sticks! Then came the hill rolling. Isn’t that just the greatest feeling? The exhilaration of tumbling down a hill and trying to beat your sibling to the bottom. Great fun!

So much love and laughter in this family!