In-Home Newborn Photography – Why You Should Consider This Option

Newborn Photography Session At Home - Why You Should Consider This As An Option

All you want to do is soak up every single moment with your precious wee bundle. You’ve toyed with the idea of a professional photo session but the thought of leaving the house is way at the back of your mind.  All those things you need to take with you, your baby might be unsettled and need feeding, the sleep routine might be all messed up… Yep, I’ve had those thoughts too! 

What if the session could take place in your own home? An in-home newborn photography session is the perfect option for those of you that are still wrapped up in your hazy new baby bubble! 

Why choose an In-Home Newborn Photography Session?

An in-home newborn photography session has so many benefits  – the main one being that you don’t have to leave that cosy wee family bliss that you are enjoying. 

The photographer comes to you. The session is entirely baby-led. Parents old and new can totally understand how unpredictable babies can be! Your new arrival is happy in a space that is familiar to them and can take a nap, or an hour-long feed if they need to, and parents can relish all those new baby cuddles they’ve been craving. 

Beautiful, natural memories

Photographs are so important for preserving memories. They instantly transport you back to that moment – the smells, the laughter, the emotions…

Newborn photographs take you back to those early days of amazement at this tiny human that you brought into the world. They remind you of the feeling that your heart could burst as it’s so full of love. 

There are no props or fancy costumes used, as it’s important to focus on those real-life memories that you are living every day. Newborn photographs at home will have authentic memories in each and every one that will be so valuable to you as a family. 

Search Google and you’ll be presented with lots of beautifully posed newborn images. You know, the ones where they are propped up in a bucket, or leaning on their hands? It’s important to note that, while these are lovely to look at, these images are composite photographs (made up of more than one shot and a lot of work behind the scenes!) and the photographers are fully trained for carrying out this type of photography safely. 

Newborn photography at home is a much more relaxed affair. There is no panicking about hands being placed in the wrong position, or the need for a “spotter” to ensure that the baby is not injured during the session. It’s all about those beautiful, natural images that tell your family’s story as it happens.

Siblings Can be Included Too

All of sudden, this new little person is taking up a lot of attention and older siblings may be feeling a little left out. 

Newborn photographs at home mean that older children feel happy and safe in familiar surroundings and can be included in the pictures if they want, or they can retreat to their own space if they feel they need to. Big brother or sister can be the tickle monster, or give cuddles to their new sibling. Whatever they are comfortable with.

It’s also great to take the session outside for a bit so that older children can let their personalities shine. 

How to Prepare for an In-Home Newborn Session

You’re worrying that your home is not tidy enough, right?

It’s the photographers job to search for the best light and nice angles for the perfect shot. Your home does not need to be pristine but it does help to remove items from sofas, beds, kitchen surfaces etc if you don’t want them in shot. A home is for living in so don’t go overboard! Remember that these images are a reflection of your real-life, not an insta-perfect movie set! Same goes for your clothing choices. Wear what you are comfortable in but maybe avoid bright colours and flashy logos if you want your images to have that timeless feel.

All you need to worry about is enjoying time with your new arrival. 

If you would like a special blanket, or teddy, or anything else included in the images, it’s a good idea to let your photographer know beforehand. 

No Stress

An in-home newborn session is designed to take away the time pressures and stress of a traditional studio session. The focus is your newborn and your family. So just sit back, snuggle your new baby, and enjoy your day. Let the photographer do the rest!  

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