Mother cuddles son in front of water. Loch Morlich, Highlands. Family photography Aberdeenshire and Moray

No-stress Solution to Getting Family Photos You Love

Stress-free family photoshoots exist! Really!

But HOW? I hear you ask. Family photography usually means having the kids stand/sit and pose and my kids will not do that!

Let me tell you a secret… You most definitely do not have to sit and pose for a great family photo. No, no – those are BORING! Trust me, the photos you will actually LOVE the most, are the ones that are truly candid and natural.

Your family having FUN – just how it should be.

family having fun family photography Moray and Aberdeenshire

kids having fun family photography Aberdeenshire

No worrying about co-ordinated outfits, or if the children will be on their best behaviour

Children are not robots. Yeah, some photographers are good at getting children to sit in their pristine outfits and all looking towards the camera and smiling. But let’s face it, the images all look the same year in, year out – except the kids have grown a wee bit.

The best family photos are the ones that really tell your story in an authentic way. 

My photography sessions are a completely stress-free experience. There will be no bribing children to sit nicely and stay still. I actually love it more when they run wild and free! Children by nature are happiest when they are allowed to roam about and explore. Why do I know this?

I’m a parent, just like you

I am also not just a photographer! Yep, in my spare time, I lose hours to Pinterest, looking for new activities to do with our local toddler group – putting my Early Years education training to good use! I’m also such a big kid at heart – so I have a great rapport with children and I can make them laugh to bring out a wee smile for the camera if they are feeling a bit shy.

fun family photos Aberdeenshire

But I hate being in front of the camera.

I hear ya. This is something that most of the parents I work with will say to me at the start of the photoshoot. I’m the same! It will take a lot of bribery for me to step out from behind the lens! Trust me though, you will LOVE the photos of you and your children. I hang back and capture the in-between moments – the ones that would be missed in “normal” family portrait session.

fun natural photography aberdeenshire

Family photography Aberdeenshire

Cheryl is quite simply a genius! I booked her for photos of my daughter. She ended up getting a couple of us together. Very natural candid pics that I love. Me being someone that hates having a photo taken and hates photos that I am in. She does a great job of putting you at ease and just snaps away as she goes.



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Family looking into water Loch Morlich. Family photographer Aberdeenshire and Moray

Love and Laughter – Family Documentary Photography Session, Loch Morlich Highlands

My family photography sessions are all about having fun. I try to blend into the background as much as possible, allowing you to completely relax and be yourselves. That’s when the real, candid, natural moments happen and those make for the most beautiful images.

Wow what a beautiful place this was! A stunning freshwater beach, sunshine and beautiful company too!

I don’t usually travel up to the Highlands for a family photography session but if a location means something special to a client, I’m there!

I can see why this place is so special to this family! The views at Loch Morlich were absolutely breathtaking.

I was so honoured to be invited to photograph the outing, capturing precious memories for Zoe, Neve and Struan.

Mother cuddles son in front of water. Loch Morlich, Highlands. Family photography Aberdeenshire and Moray

Girl cuddling mum on sand. Loch Morlich, Highlands. Family photographer Aberdeenshire and Moray

So much love for these three! The session was so much fun and I didn’t want the day to end!

Real, candid, natural moments

Boy walking on sand looking at camera. Loch Morlich, Highlands. Family photography, Aberdeenshire and Moray

Family posing on beach. Loch Morlich, Highlands. Family photography, Aberdeenshire and Moray

If you would like some more information about booking your own session, then head on over to my Family Sessions page.

Fun family photography Aberdeenshire

Climbing trees and grubby knees! – Family Photography, Aberdeenshire

These guys were lots of fun! We met at a local pond, surrounded by woodland bathed in glorious sunshine and the first thing the boys were drawn to were the trees – inviting them to climb and explore!

My photography sessions are all about having fun and making memories, rather than being told where to stand and to smile at the camera. I capture real moments, candid memories, the real you.

Little sister was very curious and wasn’t too sure of the camera to begin with but a cuddle and some giggles with big brother brought out some lovely smiles!

The boys had great fun finding new trees to climb and a contest was had to see who could find and carry the biggest branch. And of course, no walk alongside water is complete without a game of pooh sticks! Then came the hill rolling. Isn’t that just the greatest feeling? The exhilaration of tumbling down a hill and trying to beat your sibling to the bottom. Great fun!

So much love and laughter in this family!